Cary J. van Dansik - sculptor.

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life-size  bronze arabian statue.


Life Size bronze arabian horse

life-size high quality bronze arabian statue.

  • Title ‘Sire of Significance’
  • Total height approximately 190 cm.
  • Weight approximately 800 kg.
  • Edition of 1

It’s a Russian Type of show arabian and a very realistic sculpture.


horse bronze horse statue with Cary.
Pure arabian Stallion-Russian type.
bronze horse life-size high quality bronze horse statue.
horse Sculpture Cary at work, with bronze life-size arabian horse statue 'Sire of Significance'

Cary J. van Dansik, sculptor.

For further information, please contact:
Atelier "Le Cheval Noir"
Cary J. van Dansik
Oudedijk 44,
7831 GT Nieuw-Weerdinge.
The Netherlands
Tel +31 591 521346
Fax +31 591 521228


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