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( 161 ) Joni Hyricks from U.S. 24-08-2008 20:00
Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 10:45:55 (MET) Joni Hyricks from U.S.A As an owner and breeder of Arabian horses,I wanted something special for myself when I turned 50 years old. I always wanted a life size bronze to grace my yard and represents the breed to others. I looked at all the major US horse shows,and did not find anything that felt truly represented the Arabian horse with enought detail. I began searching the Internet and found Cary,s site. Based on only photo,s and some email correspondence with Cary,I purchased Magic Movement. Cary was always wonderful about staying in communication and updating me trough the process,I can not tell you how pleased I was with the arrival of the piece! He is stunning, and so much more detailed than the photo,s could ever show. The vein detail in the face and the legs,the hair detail in the mane and tail.I could go on and on. Please accept this as a reference without any hesitation,that if you want "the best" as a reference without any that this artist is who you want deal with. You are welcome to contact me about this very exceptional experience. Joni G Hyrick email

( 162 ) Micheal Teal from Cana 24-08-2008 19:59
Wednesday, February 14, 2007 at 17:36:55 (MET) Micheal Teal from Canada Homepage: Hello Cary I was searching truth and meaning in cyberspace while on a path to peace and happiness when i found myself on your authentic and vibrant site. I enjoyed perusing your passionate creative expression. Sharing yourself and your gifts is nourishment for the soul. Your life and work have value and vision. May you walk freely and lightly upon this earth and may you always live with intention. My name is Micheal Teal . I am a harmonic poet , technoshaman and soul intuitive in Canada . Your essential path to the self resonates with integrity and generosity of spirit. Thank you for your contribution to the global village that is cyberspace. If creativity is a canvas then you have presented a positive portrait. I wish you simplicity of spirit guided by love divine. May you always resonate your deepest self and may the wellness from within set your spirit free. Yours in Conscious Intent Micheal Teal The Ancient One

( 163 ) Kari Solberg from Norw 24-08-2008 19:57
Thursday, August 09, 2007 at 11:12:05 (MEST) Kari Solberg from Norway Homepage: I love horses too. Puh) I think your sculptures are wonderful

( 164 ) Pete Bowie from USA 24-08-2008 19:31
Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 19:19:58 (MEST) Pete Bowie from USA Homepage: Your bronze horse sculptures are beautiful. I love the action.

( 165 ) Gene Swanson.USA 24-08-2008 19:29
Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 21:15:49 (MEST) Gene Swanson Kathy and I commissioned Maam and Young Sham about two years ago. The day hardly ever goes by that I don't get some sort of pleasure from it. It was a gift to ourselves. How beautiful, powerful, and delicate it is. Thanks Cary

( 166 ) Patricia Partida from 24-08-2008 19:26
Sunday, August 10, 2008 at 18:23:37 (MEST) Patricia Partida from USA Your sculptures are truly wonderful and inspiring. I have done some sculpting of animals and am now hopefully graduating from painting landscapes, still life, and portraits, to animal portraiture especially horses as we own five. You have greatly inspired me and I think you are a very talented artist with a love of horses that is so obvious in your work.Your demonstration pictures on how you build a form to work your sculpture over was truly great. Thank you. Pat

( 167 ) Pete Bowie from USA 21-08-2008 11:45
Homepage: Your bronze horse sculptures are beautiful. I love the action.

( 168 ) John Wilson from USA 21-08-2008 11:45
Beautiful work!

( 169 ) Christine Wheaton USA 21-08-2008 11:44
In your sculptures you have captured the heart and soul of this magnificant breed. I am a great lover of the Arabian horse which I owned years ago. Even today they remain a part of my life if only in my heart. Please email me your price list on the desk sculptures. Many thanks...Christine

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