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( 1 ) Gina McKnight 29-04-2012 1:27:
Beautiful, lasting portrayals that reflect the passion of the artist! Nice to meet you Cary and I am thrilled to showcase your work in my May 2012 International Equine column at

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Gina,Thank you for the beautiful comment,I really look forward to see the column! C Bye

( 2 ) Jennah Richardson 15-08-2011 17:18
Your talent is inspiring and your work is what we say in Australia as 'awesome' ! How I would love to own one of your pieces! Keep producing those amazing pieces for the rest of us in this world to enjoy!

( 3 ) Irene 29-12-2010 19:52
The Bronze Horse Sculptor is a BEAUTY! Did you give it a name!

( 4 ) Irene 18-12-2010 17:24
Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year to You and to Your Dear Family! May the days ahead be even greater than the ones past! Thank you for sharing your web site with us. Thumbs up!

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Irene,thank you very much for your most kind entry in my guestbook and of course the the best wishes to you and your family in return,xxxc Bye

( 5 ) Stanislaw Achrem 2-12-2010 10:37
Hallo Cary,
Du hast sehr schöne Seite - besonders, weil die Pferde betrifft.
Deine Skulpturen sind suuuuper.
Gruß aus Lemgo (Germany).

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hallo Stanislaw,Danke für Ihre positiv Kommentar,Kompliment auch für Ihre wonder schone Arbeit,Grussen Cary

( 6 ) Irene 18-11-2010 17:54
Cary I see you are back to work, Hope your vacation went well. We miss seeing you on Opentopia. For some reason your site is not coming through. Cary as always your work is top notch! Smile Smile Thumbs up!

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Irene,thank you for your entry in my Guestbook,I dont understand why you cant see the life-monitor,on this site Opentopia is working pretty well!!also thank youfor your nice words!God bless you,C

( 7 ) Abdulla 11-11-2010 0:46:
The link to J Anne Butler does not work.
I think it should be
As you know she is an outstanding artist.

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
yes you are right Abdulla,link is updated now,thanks for the info,regards.Cary

( 8 ) nikki stewart & fa 7-06-2010 15:09
hi Cary, We hope you arrived safely back in Holland. It was a plesure having you stay with us while you built our fantastic mare and foal. We wish you the best of health and happiness for your future work. Nikki, John, David and Peter

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Dear Nikki,Thank you so much again and for this message it realy means a lot to,the Kindness,warmth and hospitality is overwelming!yes I,m back save and sound,I will alway,s think back of yall with a lot greatfulness,alway,s yours,Cary Make up

( 9 ) Kyle Gonell 5-06-2010 18:12
Hi Cary, I was showing my Nephew some of your work, and thought I would leave a thank you note for showing your work
AS always, appreciative

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Kyle,thank you very much for your fine reaction,thank a lot! Cary. Bye

( 10 ) isabel pinelli-Argent 3-03-2010 18:58

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Isabel,thank you for your kind words,god bless you,regards ,Cary Make up

( 11 ) jeff bateman England 2-03-2010 18:08
love the work you do, great tallent and passion! keep it up, all the best jeff.

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Jeff, Thank you very much for so many kind words, all the best, Cary Bye

( 12 ) Cary 1-03-2010 21:36
Answer for Chris ,just cant insert my answer to your entry,but is almost the same answer as for Jay,thank you also for your entry,best regards,Cary Worship

( 13 ) Jay 1-03-2010 20:48
Can i see you and your great works,trophies? through webcam at what time you engaged at work, reply ASAP

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Jay,thank you for your entry,Yes Trophees,working around them clock Europian time,but not alway,s in front of the camera,all the best Cary Bonk

( 14 ) Chris 24-02-2010 10:35
I've been watching your web cam for a few days (normally 10-13 off and on). I've seen the lights on but haven't seen anyone. When do you normally work?! I would love to see how you do it.
Best of luck,
Chris ( Wink

( 15 ) ZOE 18-01-2010 15:40
Stunning work! What material are they initially made from? Looks amazing

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
He Zoe ,thanks for your entry,I model with wax after that it will be casted into the Bronze Bye

( 16 ) Ulysses Teixeira 1-01-2010 9:15:
Hi Great artist! My name is Ulysses Teixeira. I´m a brazilian artist ( Painter ). I live in Curitiba and I see you every day in your heavy work for the webcam. Your horses are so marvellous. Well, happy new year.
Peace and inspiration.
Big hug from Brazil,
your Big Fan
Ulysses Teixeira
My address in Hyves:
My official web page:

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Ulysses,Thank you very much,you are just a great Talent yourself!I did enjoy your nice website with the Fantastic paintings,keep up the good work,wish you a happy new year also and a big hug in return Worship

( 17 ) Ola Smith 21-12-2009 11:38
Your work is BEAUTIFUL. I was searching the internet looking for a horse figure for my desks. Lately I am really liking horses. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Kalalmazoo Michigan. Bye

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Ola,Thank you very much for your comment,God Bless you ,Cary Worship

( 18 ) Karen Maxwell 7-12-2009 9:49:
Hi Cary, I found you online and I absolutely love watching you work on your latest sculpture. Beautiful horse! Does it have a future home yet? Best regards, from Denver, Colorado ~ Karen

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Karen,thank you so much for your entry in my Guestbook,I really like to give you a better answer, but I dont have your e-mail adress, Bye

( 19 ) Erin Wilkinson 2-11-2009 21:27
Your art is so amazing !!! i would love to an art piease about you in my GCSES Smile
Thanks Erin OX

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Erin,Thanks for Your entry in my guestbook,regards Cary Bye

( 20 ) Flavio 14-09-2009 19:17
Hi Cary!
Fine website and fine sculptures!
I live in Brazil and if you dont mind, i put your website in my Blog:
Bye Bye,

Reaktion of Cary Van Dansik:
Hi Flavio,Thank you for your visit and compliments!Ok with me,I consider it an honour to be on your quality Blog! wish you all the Best Cary. Rock on

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